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Dragon Shield: Nest 500: Magic Carpet Black

Dragon Shield: Nest 500: Magic Carpet Black

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The Magic Carpet is perfect for storing and transporting your prized cards in an easy and stylish way. The exterior can be separated from the storage tray to be used as a playmat, so that you always have one handy when transporting your decks.

The Magic Carpet comfortably holds up to:

  • 7 Dragon Shield 100 sleeve boxes or
  • 6 Dragon Shield Deck Shells or
  • 500 double sleeved cards or
  • more than 1001 unsleeved cards!

So whether you have a cube, a set of decks or a special part of your collection you want organized, the Magic Carpet is the perfect storage solution.

Comes with a tough 'Dragon Hide' exterior, known from our nest boxes, and a smooth inner lining, as well as very strong magnets to keep your cards safe during transport.

Boxes seen in picture not included.

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